Your wellness moment

After a day of outdoor sports, it’s time for the perfect escape, in relaxing at SPA for Wellness activities. The experience begins, the spirit relaxes and the senses awaken.

At Hotel SPA Mont Thabor Serre Chevalier, you will find a sauna and Hammam (steam room). Come and enjoy our relaxation area for a pure moment of silence, serenity, dedicated to replenishing the resources of mind and body.

Access to the SPA relaxation room is free from 4PM to 8 PM

THE MASSAGES : Book your massage services at the Hotel Reception

You will enjoy the new experiences of wellness, following are our Massage services options

L’ Ayurvedic (India)

From the Indian tradition, Ayurveda “science of life” in Sanskrit, is a medicine more than 5000 years old.

In order to rebalance the energies, tonic movements and it reduces muscle tension, stress, improves blood circulation and softens the skin.

Excellent to be in good shape for athletes!

Lomi-lomi (Hawaii)

Lomi-lomi is a healing massage inherited from Polynesians tradition.

Very relaxing and enveloping, it is made of slid pressure of the hands, forearms, fists, alternating with kneading, acupressure, friction and stretching it will allow precisely to harmonize the energy circulation.

Vunkuwa (Africa)

African massage is derived from the ancestral manual therapies of Africa.

It is essentially balancing and restores the flow of energy throughout the body, stimulating hilly areas.
Pressures stimulate the natural elimination of toxins and fat accumulated by the body.

Excellent for extremely tight people, but also very good slimming ally.

Special Pregnant Woman

This gentle and enveloping massage helps to better live the deep changes in the body, bringing wellness by relaxing the skin and muscles, improving blood circulation and relieving localized pain in the legs and legs. back.

Have a good time of relaxation!

Treatments and wellness massages are using exclusive sensations and fragrances neutral oils and organic essential oils products, except for pregnant women.


1h for 60€
1h30 for 80€
30 min for 35€