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The Serre Chevalier resort

Serre Chevalier is located in the most beautiful summits of “Ecrins National Park”. The main asset of the region is its climate, a double influence, both Mediterranean and mountain. This environment, preserved, where the fresh pure air, unpolluted, away from big traffic and big cities, becomes for the visitors a reserve of health.

Parc national des écrins - Serre chevalier

The unique microclimate brings an abundance of snow offering, excellent ski conditions throughout the winter season. There are about 300 days of annual sunshine.

Ski - Serre Chevalier

Serre Chevalier valley is one of the largest ski area in France and Europe with 81 slopes and 62 skilifts for beginners and expert skiers. The resort offers high-altitude skiing (up to an altitude of 2800 meters), skiing in the larch forest, protected ski areas for beginners and families and field parks for new snow!

Serre Chevalier Resort includes 4 villages: Le Monétier Les Bains, Villeneuve and Chantemerle, as well as the historic town of Briançon, the resort offers a wide range of activities throughout the year Summer and Winter.

The hotel Mont Thabor Sud is located in Villeneuve (La Salles les Alpes), in the middle of the ski area, allowing you to ski to Le Monetier les Bains one day, then to Briançon another day, or just to have fun on the fields from Villeneuve and Chantemerle!

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In addition to the ski slopes, take the time to explore the rich heritage of the region. The beautiful medieval town of Briançon with its cobblestone streets, sundials and colorful Provençal buildings.

Thus, Thermes Monêtier-les-Bains. : where the waters are naturally heated to around 45 ° C which is renowned for its benefit. Take a break at the baths in Monetier to take advantage of the naturally warm water that gurgles up from deep in the earth in the Grands Bains and Romano Irlandais pools.

Cultural Heritage

At the heart of Briançon is the old fortified city, built by Vauban in the XVIII century. The Fortifications of Briançon are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. Its imposing Castle Fort gives the city an enchanting charm that deserves a visit.

Briançon - Fortifications

A new Alpine perspective

Activités en été - Balade - Montagne - Serre Chevalier

Hiking is a different way to explore the natural beauty of the Parc des Ecrins in Serre Chevalier Resort. One of the popular walks is along the valley between the villages of Monétier Les Bains, Villeneuve La Salle the Alps, Chantemerle and Briançon.

Snowshoeing with a professional guide to help you discover mountain life in winter. To see Chamois in the larch forest, to understand the different types of snow (and how to spot its dangers).

Each village on this relatively gentle route has its own hidden treasures, including the 11th century St Arnould Chapel of Chantemerle with its beautiful frescoes.

The guide of the tourist office is available at the reception of the hotel,
Feel free to ask us !

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